10 Great Novelty USB Flash Drives

By Head Geek

Here is a list of 10 unique, cool and weird flash drives that are perfect for any geek.

1) Pico USB Flash Drive – This flash drive touts itself as the worlds tiniest and we haven’t found any smaller ones anywhere else. Barely bigger than the tip of your pinky, and less than 4mm thick, it’s positively small. Available in 8, 16 and 32 gigabytes. Also comes with a chain to keep it safe!

The Worlds Tiniest USB Drive.

2) Lighter USB Flash Drive – This lighter is super cool in the world of novelty USB drives. It doubles as both a place to keep your data safe and fully working lighter. This flash drive has an ample 8GB capacity and the lighter is refillable.

Working lighter USB Flash Drive.

3) Japanese Lightsaber USB Thumbdrive – Let the force store your data with this awesome licensed lucas film collectible imported from Japan.  They come in both a Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker option.  These force sticks only hold 1GB of data which is tiny, but let’s get real you know it’s a lightsaber and you want it!

Let the Force Store Your Data!

4) Memory Brick USB Drive – This drive is fashioned like a tiny little lego brick and can be stacked with others drives as well to create a whole tower of data!  It has a small ring so you can attach it various places that you like to hang your usb ports.  This little brick packs 4GB of memory space.

Building Data Sets Has Never Been Easier!

5) Cheeseburger in Paradise Drive – This one makes us hungry!  If you want a constant reminder of greasy goodness around this is the drive for you.  Not only is it fun it boasts 8gb of storage and 2.0 usb speed.

Hamburger USB Flash drive

I like mine with lettuce and tomato.....

6) Pirate Skull and Crossbones Drive – Show your pirate pride with this skallywag series flash drive.  The shell is made of a unique rubber design that also includes a cap holder on the ring.  This drive holds 4GB of treasure.

Skull and Crossbones USB Flash Drive

Show your Pirate Pride.

7) Fortune Cookie USB Port – The manufacturer claims you will be the envy of all of your friends with this drive.  We are not so sure about that but it is definitely a conversation starter.  This drive holds 2GB of storage.

Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

This might bring you good fortune to always know where your flash drive is!

8 ) Jigsaw Flash Drive - This little drive is fashioned after a puzzle piece and multiple ones can be linked together.  So it’s not just a flash drive it’s also entertainment.

Puzzle Piece USB Flash Drive

Piece your Data Together!

9) Crystal Heart Keychain USB Drive – This little USB drive is a beauty.  It is fashionable and no one has any idea it is a flash drive.  It can be worn on a necklace or carried on a keychain.  And not only is it beautiful but it holds 4GB  of your valuable data.

Crystal Heart Flash Drive

Make Your Data Part of Your Fashion.

10) Gold Bar USB Drive – This little nugget is the perfect place to stock away your data.  It’s a 2.5 inch replica of a 1000g gold bar.  It can stock away up to 2GB of your precious data.

Gold Bar USB Drive

Use This Nugget to Stock Away Data.

With so many novelty places to store your data…it’s a hard choice!

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